Instructional Design Portfolio

A mix of education and training development (16 years) plus technology and design (15 years) provides me with a set of learning development tools focused on targeting a specific objective and creating a training focused on that objective and the learner. Strong focus on ADA and 508 compliance.

I have completed trainings with tools that include Storyline, Power Point, Canva, Nearpod, and more.

Comfortable providing trainings in person or developing trainings for others to facilitate.

In Progress
Challenge: Create a module showcasing requirements and obligations of those becoming an ESE Specialist.
Solution: Module broken up into Requirements and Responsibilities for the role.

In development now using Storyline and Audacity.

Challenge: Create a module dedicated to delivering the requirements and responsibilities of a management level position.
Solution: Elearning tool in Storyline defining the two areas the management level position must consider when applying.

Training created using Storyline and Audacity.

Challenge: Educators weren’t clear on the differences between MTSS and RTI.
Solution: Created a training based on the objective of determining between MTSS and RTI given specific information and guidelines. Originally was meant to be a handbook; however, understanding educators were already inundated with work, a quick and easy to follow training felt more impactful and significant than a handbook that may/may not be utilized.

Training created using Articulate Rise for Canvas as the LMS.


Challenge: Educators working with students in intervention needed direction on when to continue intervention and when to move to an evaluation. Since this process includes legalities, it was imperative educators had an opportunity to determine which service should be chosen given specific situations that often arise.
Solution: Scenario based training that started with a refresher pre-test to ensure educators were ready to move into scenarios and, ultimately, a Case Study

Training created using Storyline for Canvas as the LMS.

Storyline Course for RTI, CST

Website build using WordPress as a back end

Lunchbox Tutors

Provided setting up the website and creating content. Additionally, have created trainings for parents and students using Storyline.

Website build originally using Zen Cart as a back end for the customer’s storefront, then transferring site to WordPress using Woo Commerce as the shopping app. Input and configured prices, some images, transferred site over. Have provided maintenance as necessary over the past ten years