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Exterior Home Renovations in Philadelphia PA, Overview
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If the exterior of your home is starting to age gracelessly, it may be time to consider a
renovation. Exterior home renovations can offer a great return on investment (ROI) for
homeowners interested in selling; and for those who plan to stay put, sprucing up the
outside can make turning into your driveway the highlight of each day. In this article we

Types of Philadelphia homes

5 home exterior renovation projects

Ways to tell when it’s time to renovate your home’s exterior

Exterior Home Renovation Projects in Philadelphia

Philadelphia: home to the Liberty Bell, great food, and beautiful residential architecture.
This city, resplendent with various residential architectural styles, offers something for
everyone. Row homes, which appeared following the fire of 1666, still line the city’s
streets, outnumbering all other housing types Brownstones,
designed using sandstone found in quarries along the east coast, have become a city
statement piece as well. (The terms brownstone and row homes are often used interchangeably, but brownstones were constructed with a sandstone facade.)

Georgian and Federal style homes were also popular building styles of the past. If they
appear comparable in looks, there’s a reason: The Federal evolved from the Georgian.
Philadelphians also enjoy a wide variety of ‘newer’ homes, making this a city that offers
all residents an opportunity to find the house most suited to their tastes.

Regardless of the type of home you choose – row home or Georgian, post or pre-war
construction – the passage of time coupled with Philadelphia’s harsh winters can take a
toll on your biggest investment. Below we have noted five exterior home renovations
projects you can undertake to change the way you – and the world – sees your home.

Renovation 1: Enter Here. Create a grand entrance, and an even grander statement,
by replacing your front door. This simple swap offers a whopping 98% return on
investment as noted in the “Cost vs. Value Report”. Additional