Writing & Editing

For two years, I studied Journalism in college, but then changed my major to teaching students with different learning abilities. Currently, I work full time as an English Language Arts teacher for those with learning differences. My career takes me into the general ed classroom as well as in a resource setting.

I’ve completed writing and editing projects for small and large companies over the past 20 years. Companies I have worked with include Buy Owner, Style Chicago, Toledo Business Review, and Stanek Windows. I worked as a columnist for Allbusiness.com for six years, writing about women in business. I’ve also written ebooks, blog posts, long papers, copy for retail, and copy for websites.

During this time, I have also continued to involve myself with the growing and changing field of copywriting, web writing, and print. Through courses online (LinkedIn, Udemy) to participating with groups such as ProfNet, I’ve been able to grow in the field while making contacts in the area of publishing and journalism.

I’m available for freelance writing and editing projects. And if the right-for-me editing or writing position became available full time, I would also consider that!

For projects or additional information / writing samples, contact me through the contact form on the website.